Techpreneur Interviews: What's it really like to run a tech startup?

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Want to know what it's really like to run a tech startup?

Now you can find out!

Featuring interviews hosted by K.N. Kukoyi, the bestselling author of "Don't Hire a Software Developer Until You Read this Book", Techpreneur Interviews is a compendium of interviews with technology entrepreneurs from the USA, Canada, and Europe who have had success with their tech businesses. Discover their top tips, recommendations, and strategies; including their approaches to software development, marketing and promotion, bootstrapping and money management, productivity, hiring, and more!

The book also includes free resources, and interviews with entrepreneurs, including bloggers, course creators, gig economy workers and other tech entrepreneurs originally featured in the book, "Entrepreneurial Espresso." In these interviews, the entrepreneurs share their stories, the tools and tech they use to run their businesses and the warts-and-all truth about life as an entrepreneur.

About the Author
K.N. Kukoyi is a business and software delivery specialist who has spent more than a decade working on multi-million pound projects to build professional software, including web and mobile apps used by businesses and consumers worldwide. She has also set up several ventures of her own from scratch.
The author is the founder of Purposeful Products, a company that works with entrepreneurs, and small businesses that want to transform their ideas into commercial software, taking them from idea, to build, and finally, through to the launch of their own software applications.

She is the author of four best-selling books for startups and small businesses, including Develop Your Idea!, Don’t Hire a Software Developer Until You Read this Book, Entrepreneurial Espresso, and Don’t Buy Software for Your Small Business Until You Read this Book.